Earth's Magnetic Poles May SWITCH Soon And This Is The Reason Why !!!

Earth's Magnetic Poles May SWITCH Soon And This Is The Reason Why

It's not something that we can see or touch, but the earth's magnetic fields have been steadily decreasing for nearly 200 years.

#1 Beginning In Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is best known for its failed economy and brutal leadership, but it's also the beginning of a strange phenomenon that may explain the magnetic field problems.

#2 Stretching To Chile.

If you were to draw a line (or lines) from Zimbabwe to Chile in South America, you would find yourself defining the South Atlantic Anomaly.

#3 The Anomaly.

The anomaly is the patch on the earth's surface where it is most clear that the magnetic field is weakening.
In fact, it's so weak that the polarity in this area is already the opposite of the rest of the world.

#4 The Magnetic Field.

The earth's magnetic field is important for more than direction tools (like compasses).
It protects us from solar radiation.
If we lost the magnetic field all life on earth would die out.

#5 It Happened On Mars.

Think it could never happen? It already has, but on Mars.
About 4.2 billion years ago, Mars lost its magnetic field and the planet was left a barren waste.

#6 Quick, Not Slow.
Fortunately, on earth instead of losing our magnetic field, at the moment of weakness, the polarity reverses and the field becomes stronger again.
It happens fairly frequently from a geological perspective.
It is believed to be caused by cooling of iron deposits in the earth's core.

#7 Archaeomagnetism.

Archaeomagnetism is the study of old magnetic records.
It can help predict a change in the magnetic field and allow us to prepare for that change.
A change is predicted in the near future.

#8 South African Origins.

One thing we have learned from archaeomagnetism is that the center of the earth's magnetism is not either of the magnetic poles, it's just off the coast of South Africa in the anomaly.